more than football

The Photo-Art Project

World Championchips 2014 in Brasil, that’s where people from many countries and cultures will meet in a peaceful way. We will enjoy exciting and passionate games, fair play and shining winners.

As spectators, we are not the actors on the green, but nevertheless we belong to a great team. This team is called humanity. Our opponents are excessive nationalism and violence, our goal is tolerance and solidarity. This match we want to win. Hand in hand we stand for a peaceful way worldwide. Unity in diversity is our vision.

Let’s come together. Let’s give a sign for a global future, in accordance with all our differences. These pages invite you to cruise around and to enjoy the beauty of this international chain of people.

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New Site: One World Sisters A Homage to the Ladies.
Now 32 participating nations
The One World kids got new friends: The future

The love of one's country is a natural thing.
But why should the love stop at the border.
Pablo Casals